Welcome to the European Convention 2020

It is with great honor the SAASDC welcome you all to visit Sweden and the European Convention 2020.

I’m convinced that the hosting club, Crazy Flutters, will organize a successful convention with great dancing and a lot of unforgettable joy. The event will take place in a very interesting town, Sigtuna, the oldest city in Sweden. You will be surprised by the nice atmosphere in this little town.

Once again most welcome to the European Convention 2020!

Tommy Hansson
President SAASDC


Welcome to my hometown and the European Square- and Round Dance Convention 2020

I’m proud to wish you all welcome to Sigtuna in Sweden. Sigtuna is the oldest town in Sweden and also the first capital. It was founded in 970 by King Erik the Victorious at the end of the Viking era. Today we can go back in time and visit medieval churches, ruins, castles and many other things. This is where Sweden begins!

Hopefully, you will enjoy both the lush greenery by lake Mälaren and the dance festival. We have prepared a three day program with a lot of dancing to some of Europe’s top callers and cuers as well as leisure and party time. We offer five dance halls, cafeteria, food, after party and a lot more. Why not take the opportunity to cool down at the outdoor beach just 10 minutes walking distance from the dance halls. The venue is just 15 km from Stockholm International Airport and there are plenty of hotels and other lodgings close by.

Hope to see you in Sigtuna at the beginning of July 2020. We are ready for your arrival and excited to welcome you!

Urban Danielsson
President of the 2020 European Square- and Round Dance Convention


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