Time schedule

Thursday 2nd July
14.00-22.30 Registration/Information desk Open
18.00-22.00 Trail-End Dance (Square– and Round Dance)
Friday 3rd July
10.00-23.00 Registration/Information desk Open
12.00-18.00 Dance
18.00-18.30 Official opening ceremony
18.30-22.00 Dance
21.00-23.00 Evening at the pub with light meal and music
Saturday 4th July
08.00-22.00 Registration/Information desk Open
09.00-11.00 Meeting Swedish Square Dance Association
11.00-16.00 Dance
16.00-17.00 Common presentations
17.00-21.00 Dance
21.00-24.00 After party
Sunday 5th July
09.00-16.00 Registration/Information desk Open
10.00-12.00 Dance
12.00-12.30 Closing ceremony
12.30-15.00 Dance
15.00 Convention 2020 is closing

During the weekend the programs for Square Dance will be Basic to C2 and the phases for Round Dance will be phase II to VI. There will be dance in 5 different halls. A more detailed dance program will be updated on the website.

Shoes or boots with high heels or those that will leave black marks on the floor are not allowed in the dance halls.

Callers and Cuers

Di Green (UK)

Caller program B-C1

”I discovered square dancing in September 2000 when I joined my local club, which is Sheffield Swirlers in South Yorkshire.”

Judi Read (UK)

Cuer phase II-V

”I undertook Accreditation as a Cuer and Teacher and received the Harry Preston award in 1995.”

Jiri Slaby (CZ)

Caller program B-A1

”I have currently been calling for youth groups and I’m trying to get more young people into square dancing!”

Jack Borgström (SE)

Caller program B-C1

”Most of all I want to thank all the dancers that have been attending the dances throughout the years without them the caller is nothing.”

Martin Prüfer (DE)

Cuer phase II-VI

”I promote SD and RD coming together in one program, and I believe in the idea, that a caller and a cuer together in cooperation can make ONE good program versus two programs just mixed (interlaced) together.”

Joachim Rühenbeck (DE)

Caller program B-C2

”For me there is no difference in fun for all the programs I call, up to C2.”

Carsten Nielsen (DK)

Caller program B-C2

”In 1989, the club started doing Modern Square Dancing. Now there was only one problem - the club didn't have an instructor or caller. Things happened, so I was designated to flip the tapes that we used.”

Loet Polak (NL)

Cuer phase II-V

”My own club in Rotterdam is no longer active but since 2001 I have a yearly Round dance party (this next year no 18) where we now dance phase V-VI.”

Maarten Weijers (NL)

Caller program B-A2

”It was September 1981 when my parents took their first steps into Square Dancing. For the period of their class, I was “forced” to go with them because I wouldn’t stay at home alone.”

Paul Bristow (UK)

Caller program B-C1

”Square dancing has been a significant factor in my life for the last twenty-nine years. Judging from my calendars for future years this situation seems destined to continue. I am not complaining!”

Paddy Böhnke (DE)

Caller program B-C1

”In my spare time I love singing together with my partner, for example at art galleries or maybe your next after party!”

Pavel Hosenseidl (CZ)

Cuer phase II-VI

”I live in small city close to Prague. I have been cuing from 1990 and I’m one of the first cuers in Czech Republic. I have also done special dances in Russia!”

Stefan Sidholm (SE)

Caller program B-C1

”I was also involved in starting SACT (Swedish Association of Callers and Teachers) and have been active in the board for several years, above all, I worked to develop caller/manager training courses in SACT's direction.”

Søren Lindergaard (DK)

Caller program B-C2

"Square Dance is life's water, to me it is a lifestyle that I have enjoyed for almost 30 years. To all the clubs and dancers I have called for, a huge thanks for letting me be a part of you hobby. Remember that we together are a team and only together we can have success and fun. As we get older dancing is good for our health and brain so keep calm and dance."

Trail-End Dance

On Thursday night there will be a Trail-End Dance at the dance halls, both with square– and round dance. The Trail-End Dance will start at 18.00.

Price list

All prices are in SEK. Last day for pre-registration is 3rd of June 2020.

Registration before 1st of May 2020
  Adult Youth under 26
All weekend 530 260
2 days 430 210
1 day 330 160
Guest, not dancing 0 0
Trail-End Dance on Thursday 80 40
Registration 1st of May to 3rd of June 2020
  Adult Youth under 26
All weekend 600 300
2 days 500 250
1 day 400 200
Guest, not dancing 0 0
Trail-End Dance on Thursday 80 40


Flyer Convention
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