A fantastic dance weekend from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon

More than 25 hours of social dancing across two dance halls

Dances & Schedule


Welcome to a fantastic dance weekend from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon, the 2nd to 5th of July 2020 in Sigtuna, Sweden. You can dance for over 25 hours and attend workshops on all levels.

Two dance halls with different levels from beginner/improver to intermediate/advanced. Workshop sessions will be held on different levels in the two dance halls. In each hall, there will be a list of dances displayed.

If you would like to make a dance request, please submit a maximum of 10 requests to by 1st of June 2020. During late night sessions, dances are available on request at the dance hall. Dance lists will be displayed at


There is a list of planned dances for each venue. The lists are published on:

The list is also available as a pdf to download.


The Summer Line Dance Convention is an event that will be held at the same time as the European Square- and Round Dance Convention. This means that the events will be sharing some of the services, like lunch and other food and coffee/tea facilities, pub evening, after party, accommodation alternatives and more. Information is available on the website.

The registration form is the same for the entire event so it is important that you select "Yes, I attend Summer Line Dance Convention" when you register.


Thursday 2nd July
18.00-22.00 Social dancing (Trail-End)
Friday 3rd July
12.00-17.00 Workshops and dance
19.00-23.00 Social dancing
21.00-23.00 Evening at the pub with light meal and music
Saturday 4th July
11.00-17.00 Workshops and dance
19.00-23.00 Social dancing
21.00-24.00 After party
Sunday 5th July
10.00-15.00 Recaps and social dance


Gary O’Reilly


Jean-Pierre Madge


Klara Wallman


Shane McKeever



Anders Ehrfeldt


Giggi Wänqvist


Helena Schoegje


Stig Ekström


Dance fees

All prices are in SEK. Last day for pre-registration is 3rd of June 2020.

Registration before 1st of May 2020
All weekend 530
2 days 430
1 day 330
Guest, not dancing 0
Trail-End Dance on Thursday 80
Registration 1st of May to 3rd of June 2020
All weekend 600
2 days 500
1 day 400
Guest, not dancing 0
Trail-End Dance on Thursday 80


Flyer Summer Line Dance Convention
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