Information for visitors

During the European Convention 2020 you will have the opportunity to browse and buy products, like square dance clothing, dance shoes, badges, danglers and more from a number of vendors.
Below you will find the vendors that will come to the European Convention 2020.

Square Dance Shop Rhein Main
badges & more GbR
Angelas Square Dance Shop

Information for vendors

We have plenty of space for vendors next to the dance hall area during the European Convention 2020. If you would like a space, then please contact us as soon as possible at our email

Here is some short information:

Shopping area: Prästängshallen in Sigtuna, Sweden.
Space available: Thursday 2nd of July at 2 pm until Sunday 5th of July at 5 pm.
Loading / unloading: Loading and unloading of the commercial items must be done before and after the event.
Before: Thursday 2nd of July no later than 5 pm.
After: Sunday 5th of July not before 3 pm.
For other days, contact us for available times.
Reservation: Not later than 31st of March 2020.
Payment: Not later than 31st of March 2020.